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Born in İstanbul in 1966, she first completed her high school studies in Saint Benoit Lycée in 1985, and then graduated from İstanbul Technical University as an electrical engineer in 1990. In the same year, she started as an education consultant in Oyak Renault Education Institute. During her time working in Renault, she worked in different positions in which she kept improving herself. She worked in a lot of projects which were innovative and she was sent to Paris to set up and operate eighteen new “Performance Departments”. She is married with 2 kids and has been working for 29 years in a multinational automotive company in different position as a manager. Her hobbies include blogging, writing stories, cooking, ceramic arts, watercolors painting, traveling, reading, and working as a volunteer in ÇYDD for mentoring.


Yusuf İkbal Oldaç is a doctoral student at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on the contributions of studying abroad on individuals and society. He is a member of the Higher Education, and Comparative and International Education research groups at the University of Oxford. He was born and raised in Adana; and spent his primary and secondary education years in Ashgabat. He received his undergraduate degree from Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Education and master’s degree from Middle East Technical University (ODTU) in educational leadership and administration. He presented his work at a major global conferences and is the recipient of multiple academic and research awards from institutions such as the British Association for International and Comparative Education, and Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.


It all started with a slap from his teacher when he was in elementary school. Since then, he has endeavored to ensure that no student is slapped again and that there are learning environments that value human beings. He graduated from Istanbul University from the Department of Psychology. Instead of running away from the trauma he had experienced during his early educational life, he chose to become a wounded healer. Arınç Sönmez, who aims to design learning environments that develop soft skills, is one of Turkey's first psychologist non-formal educationals trainer. He has given voluntary and professional trainings on more than 40 soft skills topics such as emotional intelligence, career planning and learning to learn to over 70 organizations such as Turkish Airlines and Ziraat Bank in 15 different countries. He currently continues his work as the Co-founder of HavacilikPsikolojisi.net, Founding President of Organization Talks, Founding Board Member of YOBBA (Youth Beyond Borders Association), Member of the Board of Directors of Nevzat Sıkık Kimsesiz Çocuk Vakfı, Psychologist of Turkish Airlines’ Flight Fear Overcoming Program and executive consultant.


He began working when he was 8, dusting the shelves. He continued working every summer and he set up his first company when he was at university. He became the general manager of one of the prominent companies of the sector when he was 27. Then he left his comfort zone again and he set up his own company. Seeing his passions work was maybe the most important chance in his life. He is one of the first aviation psychologists and the co-founder of Havacilikpsikolojisi.net. Till this day he has been in the acquisition processes of the cabin officers and pilots in Turkish Airlines. He coordinated the trauma response teams of Ataturk Airport and Pegasus Airlines. He is still a psychologist for Turkish Airlines Flight Fear Defeat Programme and continues to serve various institutions. Besides those, he has served more than 80, mainly the aviation institutions. He has works about carrier planning, executive consulting, non-formal training, etc. He also travels the world by his motorbike.


Nil is 16-years-old, studying in Şişli Terakki high school in Istanbul. She is interested in arts as both an artist and audience. She has performed in her school’s theatre company and plays the piano. She is also one of the co-founders of an online magazine called “9 Magazine”, launched in 2017, where they share articles and photographs about art, fashion, life and travel in both Turkish and English. They also feature guest writers from various countries. IN late 2019, 9 Magazine launced a project called “9 Around the World”. Volunteers from over fifty countries provide the magazine with news of local or global significance from the countries they are from.


Nur Güzeldere is a 16-years-old high school student from Istanbul, Turkey. She uses soecial media and visual arts for self-expression and creating an international platform. She is one of the co-founders of an online bilingual magazine, “9 Magazine”, which was established in 2917. On 9 Magazine’s website, they publish interviews, photography series and articles about art, life, fashion and travel. In 2019, she also became co-founder and project manager of news platform “0 Around the World”. Its aim is to publish the latest news from all around the world written by teenagers. 9 Around the World has contributors from over fifty countries and aims to publish news that is alternative to mainstream media. She is also a photographer for Defiant Movement, which focuses on social issues from Generation Z’s perspective. She has participated in Koç University Summer School in 2018 and New York Film Academy’s Screenwriting Programme in 2019. She was an intern in Istanbul Culture Arts Foundations’s 16th Istanbul Biennial “Seventh Continent”.


Boran Kaya is a 17-year-old student 11th grade student at TED Bursa College. He enjoys playing computer games and he has a keen interest in physics, chemistry and history. He enjoys attending MUN conferences. He currently speaks English and Turkish fluently. He has interest in computers and wishes to learn more about them in the future.


Irmak Çavun is a 12th grader currently studying in TED Bursa College. Her hobbies include art and video games, and she prefers to spend most of her time gaming. She is particularly interested in Game Art and hopes to pursue a career in the game industries. She fancies English literature, especially 19th century poetry. She has been actively participating in the MUN club for 3 years while attending conferences, and thus she is familiar with politics.


Zeynep Akdoğan is a 10th grader at TED Bursa College. She was born in İzmir. Her hobbies are playing the guitar, singing, dancing, reading, drawing and acting. She is interested in writing, mostly stories, and is currently writing a novel as well. She also loves debating about any topic. Her dream is to be able to become an actress/ director/ author when she grows up.

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